Reliable Web Hosting for Your Business


Three racks of servers with a globe of the earth to the left of them.

If there's one thing that both Web designers and their clients hate equally, it's server downtime.

From the client's perspective, no matter how good a site you have, it doesn't do any good if the server is down. Downtime means lost opportunities, lost business, and lost money.

From the webmaster's perspective, nothing ruins a nice day as effectively as getting angry calls from clients early in the morning because their sites are down, their customers can't access their sites, and the clients can't collect their email.

That's why I go out of my way to provide high-end, redundant, fault-tolerant cloud hosting, which I include as part of my Web design / hosting services. My servers run the highly reliable Linux operating system and Apache Web server, and are part of a "cloud" of servers that are continually backed up to provide exceptional reliability, redundancy, and fault tolerance.

Furthermore, the servers are monitored 24 hours a day, which makes for quick discovery and correction of any problems that do occur. I guarantee 99.9 percent uptime in any given month, but most months we have 100 percent uptime.

I also use one of the best datacenters in the country, located in Chicago, Illinois, right here in the good old USA, not cheap, unreliable, overseas datacenters.

The result? Exceptionally reliable hosting, along with greater peace of mind all around.

I offer this high-quality hosting service, at no additional charge, with all of the work I do. Also included are RoundCube Webmail, and server-side virus scanning, firewalling, and spam-filtering. I also offer "hosting-only" accounts to clients who want to maintain their own sites, but who need a reliable place to host them.

For more information about my redundant hosting (or any Web design questions), please contact me.