Copyright Information

This Web site and all of its content (with the exception of licensed stock images) is the property of RJM Web Design and is protected by copyright in the United States and internationally. No part of this Web site may be reproduced in any form or for any purpose without the permission of the copyright owner.

Privacy Policy

RJM Web Design takes your privacy and identity protection seriously. You may browse any area of this site without providing any personal information whatsoever. The only time when you will be asked to provide any personal information is when you submit a contact request or when you choose to pay your bill online.

If you do submit a contact request using this site's contact form, or if you choose to pay your bill online using our payment gateway, any information that you provide will be encrypted in transit using industry-standard encryption techniques to protect your identity and privacy.

Client Confidentiality

RJM Web design will not release any information about our clients without the client's express consent, except as follows:

Web Server Behavior and Data Collection

Like Web servers in general, my servers collect certain non-personal information about our visitors. Some of this information (such as a visitor's IP address) is necessary because that's how computers communicate with each other. Without the IP address, our server wouldn't know where to send the pages. Other information is used for statistical purposes or to resolve technical problems.

The information our servers collect may include:

None of the information collected is used to identify any real person, and our servers do not collect information such as a visitor's name, address, e-mail address, phone number, or other personal information unless that visitor voluntarily provides that information by filling in and submitting a contact form.

All information submitted through this site's contact form is secured for your protection using industry-standard encryption.


If RJM Web Design is your email provider, then it is necessary that your mail be processed on our servers. It will not be accessed in any way without your permission except in the event of spam complaints made against a client. You may effectively remove mail from our servers by using POP3 to download it onto your own computer.


This server may place a cookie on a visitor's browser for the purpose of determining whether or not it is their first visit to this site. This is used only to give us an idea how many unique, versus repeat visitors the site had in a given time period. The cookie does not attempt to "track" the visitor's viewing of other sites.

This server also uses cookies for security, fraud-prevention, and spam-filtering purposes on some pages, such as the contact form and online payment pages.

Payment Policies

For your convenience, RJM Web Design provides a variety of ways for clients to pay their bills including checks, money orders, electronic checks, PayPal, PayPal Credit, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. All online payments will be processed through our merchant services provider (PayPal at the time of this writing) no matter what type of electronic payment method you choose. At this time, we do not accept Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies.

It is expected that payments be made on-time. There are no "grace periods" or "extensions". If your payment does not arrive on time, your site will be suspended.

"On-time" means no later than 5:00 p.m. Eastern time on the due date.

Payments made by check or money order should be sent to:

RJM Web Design
PO Box 274
Margaretville NY 12455-0274

Please allow sufficient time for your payment to reach the office if you pay by mail. I suggest seven to ten days, especially in the winter. Snow delays are common here.

Payment Plans

In general, payment for new work must be made before the site goes "live." Monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual payment plans may also be approved in some cases, but each payment will include an additional payment fee of $15.00 or 1.5 percent of the annual billed amount for the site or service, whichever is less.

Renewals are generally billed annually in advance. Monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual payment plans may also be approved in some cases, but each payment will include an additional payment fee of $15.00 or 1.5 percent of the annual billed amount for the site or service, whichever is less.

Consequences of late payment

If your payment is not received by 5:00 p.m. Eastern time on the due date on the invoice, your site and all associated services will be suspended. Payment of the full amount of the invoice plus a $35.00 late fee will be required to restore your site and services.

While your site is suspended, your visitors will be greeted by a "Suspended Account" page, your e-mail will not work, and you will not have access to your files or databases.

If your payment still hasn't been received when 30 days have transpired from the due date on the invoice, your site will be terminated, your files will be deleted, and your account will be turned over to a collection agency.

For further information, please contact me.